Euro-Atlantic integration

European integration in the Western Balkans remains one of the last challenges for building a democratic and united Europe. The prospect of integration into the EU and NATO is a powerful driver of reforms, economic prosperity and rule of law. They represent participation in European decision-making table and guarantees for security.

CEDEM is recognized as an organization strongly promoting Euro-Atlantic values. One of its activities in this area is writing policy proposals and policy briefs on the processs of Montenegro's integration with NATO. In cooperation with foundations Konrad Adenauer (Germany) and Robert Schuman (France), CEDEM organizes an annual regional conference, "European integration of Western Balkan countries - challenges and constraints", which is attended by high-ranking officials, representatives of international organizations and diplomatic corps and the academic community, civil society and media. Representatives of CEDEM are organizers or participants in many panel discussions, presentations and public debates on this topic. Through this department, CEDEM is successfully implementing an educational program on the EU, designed for the best students of the social science faculties in Montenegro.


EUcommIn partnership with PASOS, Czech Republic, CEDEM has prepared national Study on level of engagement of Montenegro in the EU accession process. Drafting this Study represents the final activity of the project Enlargement and Citizenship – Looking to the Future, realized in partnership with five organizations from the Region and supported by European Commission, through the Europe for the Citizens Programme.

OGP 1Within the project Advocacy for Open Government, CEDEM has prepared a policy brief that aims to highlight the trends in public trust in government and define recommendations towards greater use of the open government mechanisms to strengthen public confidence in pubic administration. The project is implemented by PASOS and partners from the region, with support of the European Commission.

PASOSadvocacyWithin the project Advocacy for Open Government, supported by European CommissionCenter for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM), in partnership with PASOS, Czech Republic and organizations from the region, organized Conference on 8th December in the Hotel Podgorica aimed on fostering constructive dialogue on Open Government Partnership Initiative.