Rule of Law

Montenegro is a civil, democratic, ecological and social justice state, based on the rule of law (Article 1, Constitution of Montenegro). The affirmation of the principle of equality before the law, as one of the fundamental postulates of the rule of law, is the primary function of Rule of Law Department.

CEDEM was the first NGO in Montenegro to organize seminars on international and European Union legal standards. Over 900 lawyers, judges, prosecutors and other civil servants have participated in our training programs since 1999. The Rule of Law Department prepares draft laws and draft amendments to the law; organizes round tables and seminars for representatives of judicial bodies; performs monitoring of court proceedings; and prepares, publishes and distributes publications with the ultimate goal to encourage a responsible, professional, efficient and transparent judiciary in Montenegro.

Justice System Monitoring Project is supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Montenegro, for a period of 18 months starting from February 2011.

The overall objective of the action is to foster a more accountable, professional, effective and transparent judiciary in Montenegro which will be able to respond to the needs of the citizens.

The specific objectives are to:

To strengthen the capacity within civil society organisations to monitor administration of criminal justice and advocate changes;

To influence judicial policy and practices and in this view to compile, analyse and disseminate high quality, up-to-date, consistent and reliable information related to dispensation of criminal justice in order to identify areas where reform is needed and make appropriate recommendations;

To support smooth transition to the new system of criminal proceedings to be introduced by the 2009 Criminal Procedure Code by analysing preparations made so far and monitoring their progress in the upcoming period;

To serve as a platform for development of co-operation between government and civil society with the aim of facilitating judicial reform.

briselEmir Kalac, Representative of CEDEM, participated in a round table Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans: Context and Development 1991 - 2010. The event was held in Brussels, at the CEPS (Center for European Policy Studies). The aim of this discussion was the presentation of the main findings of a three-year research project: Civil Society Capacity Building to Map and Monitor Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans, 2009-2011.

skupstinacgA representative of CEDEM, Marija Vuksanović, participated in the 36th session of the Administrative Committee of the Parliament of Montenegro, which was dedicated to the participation of NGO' representatives in the process of election and appointment of members of advisory and working state bodies. On this occasion, the representative of CEDEM called for changes to the existing normative framework for the participation of NGOs in the process of election and appointment, in order to establish clear, uniform and objective criteria, both on the side of the  candidate and the nominating organization,as well as on the side of the organization that support the candidate.