Rule of Law

Montenegro is a civil, democratic, ecological and social justice state, based on the rule of law (Article 1, Constitution of Montenegro). The affirmation of the principle of equality before the law, as one of the fundamental postulates of the rule of law, is the primary function of Rule of Law Department.

CEDEM was the first NGO in Montenegro to organize seminars on international and European Union legal standards. Over 900 lawyers, judges, prosecutors and other civil servants have participated in our training programs since 1999. The Rule of Law Department prepares draft laws and draft amendments to the law; organizes round tables and seminars for representatives of judicial bodies; performs monitoring of court proceedings; and prepares, publishes and distributes publications with the ultimate goal to encourage a responsible, professional, efficient and transparent judiciary in Montenegro.

Center for Democracy and Human Rights, held three working meetings within the project "Improvement of the practice of local media in the fight against corruption and organized crime", which is financially supported by the US Embassy in Podgorica.

Believing that the cooperation of representatives of the justice system at the local level, on the one hand, and the media, the civil sector, and active citizens, on the other, can lead to a synergy of their potentials, which would result in quality criminal justice reporting and adequate public information, the meetings were held in Bar, Kotor and Berane.

The purpose of the working meetings is to foster dialogue among these actors, in particular on the use of the Law on Free Access to Information in order to improve the quality and credibility of media coverage of criminal justice cases, while creating an image of judicial authorities as open and willing actors for cooperation with the media and civil society organizations.

The working meetings were attended by the heads of the basic state prosecutor's offices and PRs basic courts from the mentioned cities, with all representatives of the media operating locally and nationally from these cities.