Security and Defense

Security is one of the most important preconditions for the realization of democracy, rule of law and human rights. CEDEM deals with monitoring security sector reform as well as international and regional security dynamics, with special focus on Montenegro. Based on research findings, CEDEM publishes analysis and recommendations addressed to lawmakers, government officials, representatives of security institutions, civil society, etc.

Within this department, CEDEM has implemented two regional projects. "Civil Society Capacity Building for Mapping and Monitoring Security Sector Reform in the Western Balkans 2008-2011" produced publications and reports in various areas of security sector reform (transparency, democratic control and oversight, representation, etc.). CEDEM has become one of the seven members of a regional consortium of independent research centers in Western Balkans,and with the cooperation of this consortium and the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) from Oslo, CEDEM is implementing a second research project, "To what extent is a security community being built in the Western Balkans?"


CIDA reportCEDEM and Montenegrin Women's Lobby have prepared a publication Fight Against Trafficking in Human Beings in Montenegro - protection mechanisms, coordination, attitudes of citizens and professionals as part of the project Working Together to Support victims of trafficking, child begging and forced marriages.

radionica MATRACEDEM organized a two-day workshop on 6/7th February in Budva, dedicated to the asylum system and management of irregular migration for representatives of Montenegrin NGOs.The workshop was carried out in cooperation with the Dutch Council for Refugees within the project Building Capacities of Montenegrin Asylum and Illegal Migrations Management System, which is supported by the Dutch Royal Embassy in Belgrade.

NATO policyU okviru projekta Odgovoran, transparentan i otvoren pristup pitanju NATO integracija Crne Gore, podržanog od strane Ambasade S.A.D u Podgorici, CEDEM je, u saradnji sa NVO "Spona" iz Berana, pripremio prijedlog praktične politike u kome je predstavljena analiza rezultata kampanje podizanja javne svijesti o značaju uloge građana/ki u procesu odlučivanja o NATO integracijama Crne Gore.