In Montenegro, there is no systematic education of young people about the security sector, the competencies and the way security services function, as well as the key challenges that these services face in the reform process of this sector covered by EU and NATO integrations. This social group is not adequately involved in the process of public policy making and monitoring of their implementation. Therefore, this project aims to raise awareness, understanding and awareness among young citizens about the security sector, the competencies and work of the security services, as well as the key challenges and threats that these services face. This project is specifically aimed at: 1) students; 2) trainees and junior officers employed in state institutions (with special emphasis on the Police Directorate, the Army of Montenegro, Ministry of Defense, members of parliament); 3) young leaders of political parties in Montenegro; and 4) young civil society actors. The final beneficiaries of this project are all citizens of Montenegro. Project activities will be implemented in Podgorica and Ulcinj.

The project is being implemented with the support of the Gambling Revenue Allocation Commission.