Education and dialogue towards the EU



This project aims to contribute to the European integration process by raising awareness, understanding and knowledge of European integration, future membership and functioning of the EU, enhancing the capacity of multipliers and enhancing the quality of media texts on the EU integration process of Montenegro, as well as strengthening the dialogue and cooperation of civil sectors, government bodies / institutions and citizens. With the aim of completing this whole process and improving cooperation and dialogue, roundtables will be held with representatives of local self-governments and representatives of multipliers on European integration, but also, a comparative analysis of the experience of cooperation between the non-governmental sector and state institutions and bodies in the process of European integration will be made. Through the realization of activities aimed at raising awareness of the importance of EU integration, membership and functioning of the EU by increasing the level of information on future EU membership, enhancing the capacity of multiplier representatives on EU literacy, and developing and improving sustainable mechanisms for dialogue and cooperation between the civil sector, state institutions / bodies and citizens in the field of European integration, the level of information and knowledge of citizens will be increased, as well as the dialogue, as well as the knowledge and skills of the multipliers in the field of European integration, will be expanded.

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.