e-Democracy: Civic Participation in the Digital Era



Citizen participation is an integral part of participatory democracy, which represents the democratization of political relations after the transition period. Participatory democracy facilitates lasting citizen participation in the political process and contributes to the open and transparent work of the executive and representative authorities.

With that in mind, the overall goal of the project is to strengthen public participation in decision making and monitoring processes at different levels through the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will contribute to positive changes.

Specific goal(s) of the project are:

  • Raising citizens' awareness of the importance of their participation in the decision-making process;
  • Analysis of the existing situation and improvement of the knowledge and skills of representatives of the civil sector and civil officials working on the drafts of public policy acts on how to involve the interested public in the process of its preparation.

The activity is specifically focused on:

  • Representatives of the civil sector;
  • Civil officials working on the drafts of public policy acts on how to involve the interested public in the process of  its preparation;
  • Citizens

The purpose of the project is to increase the capacity for the development of effective social practice and to involve citizens and stakeholders more actively in the processes of designing, implementing and monitoring decisions, programs and plans.

Therefore, it is important to involve all key target groups in this process, ie citizens, representatives of the civil sector and civil officials, in order to gain additional knowledge about the principles and ways of public participation in decision-making and to become familiar with the methods of conducting public policy analysis.

During the course of education, there will be an opportunity to evaluate and reflect on the prevailing models of social change and development, as well as the opportunity to improve the capacity to work in a real environment that will contribute to change for a wider social benefit.

Project activities will be implemented on the territory of all municipalities of Montenegro, and the required budget is € 18,149.50. The project is funded by the Ministry of Public Administration of Montenegro.