Strengthening young people's competences to participate in decision-making process

Ministarstvo sporta i mladih


The starting point for this project is one of the six key priorities defined by the Youth Strategy 2017-2021, namely that young active citizens are involved, motivated, proactive and participate in decision-making, community development, policy-making and their enforcement. In this regard, active citizenship encompasses all forms of civic activism and participation, that is, any activity that citizens undertake to engage in the decision-making process, as well as the implementation of public policies at local and national level (voting in elections, participation in public debates, gathering at citizens' assemblies in local communities, submitting initiatives to solve problems, submitting requests for free access to information, signing petitions, clear actions and various forms of protest that clearly indicate the malfunctioning of the authorities).

Having in mind that one-fifth of the population of Montenegro are young people, it is very important to emphasize the importance of their participation in the process of creating and implementing public policies and that it represents the principle of democratic organization of the state and a basic prerequisite for responsible and transparent work of the government.

The overall objective of the project is to encourage the active involvement of young people in decision-making processes, policy-making and their implementation in areas important to their life, employment, and community development, through specific goals, namely: 1) Improve young people's knowledge and skills about ways to participate in decision-making processes and 2) Improve youth information and dialogue with representatives of institutions and bodies working with youth.

The project will cover young people aged 15-30 - High school students (general and vocational), students of three Universities, NEET groups and youth organizations with special emphasis on young people with disabilities, members of national minorities and other persons and social groups who may be at risk of discriminatory treatment as well as youth from the north.

The project will last for 12 months and the required budget is € 11,860.00. This project it is financed by the Ministry of Sport and Youth of Montenegro.