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The Action is prepared at a time when Montenegro is required to intensify its efforts on implementation and enforcement, in particular on nature protection, industrial pollution, risk and waste management, as well as civil protection, as outlined in Montenegro 2019 Report on Chapter 27 on one side, and enhancing media freedoms, as outlined in Action Plans for Chapter 23 (which are at the heart of the negotiation process, on the other side). This project is being implemented in cooperation with RT Pljevja and NGO “Green Home” from Podgorica.

Overall objective of the project: To strengthen participatory democracy and EU integration process in Montenegro by empowering and stimulating media quality, professionalism and investigative journalism in the area of environment and negotiating Chapter 27.

Specific objective(s) of the project: To enhance RTV PLJEVLJA capacities and efforts to investigate and report on key environmental topics in Northern Montenegro, by using free access to information tools, in a professional and ethical manner and through cooperation with civil sector

Target group(s) of the project are:

  • At least 10 media professionals from RTV Pljevlja (editors and journalists working in TV, web-portal and radio);
  • At least 5 students of journalism from Faculty of Political Science from northern Montnegro;
  • At least 5 free-lance and active citizen journalists from northern Montenegro;
  • At least 3 CSOs dealing with environmental issues from northern Montenegro.

The final beneficiaries of the project are: Media professionals, media outlet, self-regulation body, local municipality, citizens of Montenegro.

The project implementation period is two years and is supported by the European Commission through the EU Delegation to Montenegro.

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