CEDEM established the Department for Empirical Research in 1999. This department conducts research on various social and political phenomena in Montenegro, such as the democracy index, value orientations and ethnic distance, discrimination, perceptions of corruption, media freedoms, etc.

The Political Public Opinion in Montenegro is particularly noteworthy study which CEDEM has been continuously conducting since 1999, thus providing a comprehensive empirical cross-section of the political opinion structure in Montenegro. In addition to testing political opinion on standard criteria (citizens' trust in public institutions, government, political / public figures, political parties, media), the focus of our research is to present current issues of national political life (such as citizens' attitudes towards membership of Montenegro to EU and NATO).

REzastita"Despite the efforts undertaken by the state, social status of Roma and Egyptians in Montenegro is still at the unsatisfactory level. According to opinions of the members of this community, the assistance the state provides is inadequate in relation to the scope of problems they face" – it was stated at the round table organized by CEDEM on the presentation of studies on social welfare and employment of RE population.

OSF logoAssembly of the Municipality of Herceg Novi adopted today the Local housing study for the Roma and Egyptian population, which is one of key products of the project "Improving the integration of Roma and Egyptian communities at the local level" , which was jointly implemented by CEDEM, NGO Young Roma and the Municipality of Herceg Novi, and financial supported by the Open Society Foundation from Budapest.

Norvezani pressCEDEM held press conference today, presenting the publication "Characteristics of proceedings in cases of organised crime, corruption, terrorism and war crimes - general review of the case law in Montenegro", which was prepared as part of the project Supporting Judicial reform in Montenegro: Supporting the fight against organized crime, funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade.

natoThe issue of Montenegro's membership in North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) again becomes the highlight on the Montenegrin public arena. Although Montenegro has not yet received an invitation to join, the public widely discusses whether the decision to join this community should be brought in a referendum or in the Parliament.