CEDEM established the Department for Empirical Research in 1999. This department conducts research on various social and political phenomena in Montenegro, such as the democracy index, value orientations and ethnic distance, discrimination, perceptions of corruption, media freedoms, etc.

The Political Public Opinion in Montenegro is particularly noteworthy study which CEDEM has been continuously conducting since 1999, thus providing a comprehensive empirical cross-section of the political opinion structure in Montenegro. In addition to testing political opinion on standard criteria (citizens' trust in public institutions, government, political / public figures, political parties, media), the focus of our research is to present current issues of national political life (such as citizens' attitudes towards membership of Montenegro to EU and NATO).


Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) and AIRE Centre organized a Conference on the Presentation of the Final Trial Monitoring Report. The Conference was held in the hotel "Ramada" in Podgorica and it brought together more than 60 representatives of the international community, the Government and the Parliament of Montenegro, judiciary and prosecution, as well as representatives of media and non-governmental organizations dealing with democratization and human rights.

LO261945"It is necessary to continue work on the democratization of security and defense system in Montenegro and active involvement of civil society in this process" - a key message of Centre for Democracy and Human Rights (CEDEM) from a press conference entitled "Reforming the security sector in Montenegro - achievements, shortcomings and challenges".